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Reasons to Bird Proof Solar Panels

Renewable energy through solar panels is quite popular among homeowners but when you install solar panels, there are certain unexpected situations you will have to face such as having to protect these from birds. Birds tend to convert solar panels to a nesting ground which can come with its own set of problems.

If you have a problem

With birds nesting in your solar panel installation area, you can contact professionals for bird trapping Melbourne to give you a solution. As birds like flat surfaces, solar panels are a great option for them to nest and they will use materials like trigs and grass to build their nests. These materials can accumulate on the solar panels quite quickly leading to a mess. The dried grass and twigs can be a fire hazard especially when you are in dry and hot seasons. Even a small spark can lead to a large fire. You will be able to protect your home from this risk when you look for bird proofing solutions. The birds will also lay eggs and raise their young there which can make it very difficult to clean the solar panels. You will not be able to discourage the birds from returning there to nest if there are small chicks there.

Another issue that can come from young birds on the panels will be droppings

These droppings will create a favourable environment for fungi and bacteria. This will affect the efficiency of your solar panels and ultimately the energy production will be reduced. It is also best if you don’t come into contact with the bird dropping as this can be a health concern. This can be especially a concern if you inhale airborne particles.

Some birds will not survive their say on the solar panels. For example, they can become injured or trapped underneath the panels which can lead to their death. There are certain health risks of having dead birds in your solar panel area. When bird carcasses decompose, these will release harmful bacteria and odours. There will also be scavengers attracted to the solar panel area as a result of dead birds such as rodents and insects. This can further complicate the issue.

In addition to issues that directly concern the solar panels

Your gutters can also be affected as they will perch and roost on the rooftop and the gutters. There will be a lot of droppings that will collect on the surfaces as a result. Pigeon droppings can be quite corrosive leading to the deterioration of gutters and roofing materials. This will contribute to damage and leaks. When there are twigs, grass and bird droppings accumulating in the gutters, it can impede water drainage.

When it rains, water flow will be blocked and you will experience flooding around the home. There will also be standing water in the gutters as a result of clogging and this can attract pests such as mosquitoes. This can lead to many health risks. As the efficiency and the lifespan of the solar panels will be affected by the presence of birds, it is best to bird proof them. This way, sunlight will not be blocked and there will not be physical damage done to the panels.

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