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What to Know About Using Epoxy Grout for Shower Leak Repairs?

Shower leaks can do a lot of damage to your property. It can lead to water damage, costly repairs and mould growth. You need to contact a professional for shower leak repairs so that you can prevent costly repairs in the future.

There are many ways to repair a leaking shower Perth and a good option for this is the use of epoxy grout. Epoxy grout has a high resistance to water so that it is ideal for an environment where there is continuous moisture such as a shower. Traditional cement based grout tends to absorb water which is not something you will experience with epoxy grout. Because it will not absorb water, it will prevent mildew and mould growing on the grout. This will reduce the risk of shower leaking in the future. Epoxy grout is also very durable and can last for a long time.

It is a good way to resist daily wear and tear of using a shower. It can last a long time without chipping, cracking or disintegrating. And shower repairs can last a longer time as a result. The shower is an area that should be properly cleaned and maintained. When you apply epoxy grout, it will make it easier for you to maintain the area as this grout is very resistant against deterioration or discoloration. You can use harsh cleaning agents without worrying it will damage the grout. This will make your life a lot easier and you will be able to clean the shower quickly and ensure its hygiene.

There is high versatility in the use of epoxy grout

As you can use it with a number of different materials. Some examples of this are using epoxy grout with porcelain, natural stone, glass and ceramic. You can choose different options for your shower without having to worry about the grout being compromised. When you hire a professional to apply epoxy grout to your shower and repair leaks, they will first assess the extent of damage. There will be areas where water is penetrating through the grout and these areas will be identified by the professionals as they inspect the shower floor and wall. They will check the existing grout for signs of damage and whether there are signs of water damage, weakened substrate due to water leakage or mould.

The old grout will be removed so that the surface can be prepared to apply epoxy grout

A rotary tool or grout saw can be used for this. You can attach a grout removal attachment to the rotary tool. Once you have removed the old gout carefully, you can clean the tile surface so that any remaining debris can be removed. Make sure to have it free of soap scum and mould. The epoxy grout will then be mixed as per the manufacturer’s instructions. There are two components that have to be combined which are the hardener and the resin. There are recommended ratios to mix these and you can then use a grout bag or rubber float to apply the epoxy grout.

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