When to Call a Roof Restoration Company

Maintaining your home is crucial to its durability and quality. And in this article, we are focusing on how you can better maintain your roof as this is an important element of the building. Roofs are subjected to wear and tear with time and there are many issues that can come up. You need to know when to call a professional to rectify these issues so that you can maintain the integrity of the roof.

Note the age of the roof as these generally have a lifespan of 20 to 25 years.

And if your roof is close to the 15 year mark, it is time to have it inspected by a professional such as Outlast Roof Repairs Hoppers Crossing. They can come inspect the roof to get a proper assessment of its condition and they can recommend any repairs that can be done to extend its lifespan. If you notice that your roof has lost some of its original appearance, this can be time for a restoration. This happens when the roof tiles become discoloured or faded. This is a common occurrence when the roof tiles are exposed to the elements. Also, growth of algae or moss over the tiles can also cause this. A restoration company can clean and carry out the right treatment for the roof tiles which can bring back their original appearance.

There are many homes that experience water leaks especially during heavy rain.

This can be a safety hazard as you can slip and fall. Aloe, leaks can cause a lot more issues over time. Leaks happen when the flashing deteriorates or when you have missing or damaged tiles on the roof. Sometimes the chimneys or vents will not be properly sealed. You should also reseal these as the products used can become compromised after a long time. Sometimes you will notice there are water stains on the ceiling or the walls. And this can be due to a roof leak. You can have a roof restoration company visit the site and inspect it to see what has caused this. It is important to take immediate action so that you can prevent any further water damage.

If you notice

There are tiles missing from the roof or if they are displaced, you will need to rectify this immediately. When you have experienced strong winds or a storm, this can lead to tiles being displaced. Sometimes this can be due to poor installation techniques. And when there are missing or displaced tiles, your roof is left exposed to water infiltration which can weaken the integrity of the underlying structure. You can find flashing installed around skylights, chimneys and vents and this acts as a protective barrier preventing water from seeping in. But with time, the flashing can become damaged or subjected to corrosion. And if you see gaps or rust in the flashing, you will need to repair or replace it so that proper waterproofing can be achieved. Then there are more serious issues such as the roof sagging or bowing. This happens when there is weakness in the structure such as damaged rafters or the trusses being weakened.

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