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What to Know About House and Land Packages

It can take a lot of time, effort and money to select your dream home in a location that you love. It is possible to combine home and land loans in one package and this offers a more cost-effective way to achieve your dream home.

When it comes to house and land packages Melbourne there will be a block of land that is secured by a buyer. Home construction will also be secured in this same process. But there are two contracts because these will be purchased from two parties. Generally, the house will be purchased from the buyer and the land will be purchased from the community. Both of these contracts will be in the possession of the buyer. The reason that many people prefer to buy house and land packages is that they have a good idea of the total price including the price for land and house both at the beginning. You will have to purchase the lot through a developer. And there can be many builders that you can choose from along with different home designs. When you are looking into these packages, you need to look for a developer with a house and land package that is suitable for you. What you get from two builders will differ so you will need to research a bit to see what exactly is included in the contract.

There are certain terms you will see in the contract such as standard inclusions. While these generally refer to a full fitted kitchen, doors and windows, full fitted bathroom, electrical outlets, stars, tiling, fans, TV points etc. it is best to have this clarified by the builder. And there are additional costs as well such as landscaping and fencing. The inclusions will depend on the price of the home and the style you select. This will also describe the type of finishes or materials you get. But even when what you get is given in the contract and 3D images are supplied to you, it is always best to visit the display homes so you have a good idea. A lot of the time, seeing what the house and the interior elements look like in reality will give you a deeper understanding of the design and whether it suits you.

When you are looking for a mortgage broker package, make sure to visit many display homes so that you can find a builder and a home design that you prefer. If you happen to find a design you like, you can then contact the builder to see what is included in the contract. Sometimes, everything you see in the display home will not be included. These tend to feature the best fittings and finishes and might not be the standard they provide. Check if they allow for small changes and the cost for them. But you need to carry out a background check on the builder before you proceed with them. Check if they have a license, a builder’s insurance and if they have examined the lot thoroughly.

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