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What to Consider Before Selecting a Garage Door

A garage door is an important aspect of the building envelope and this is something that people will immediately notice. So there are a few things you need to think about before purchasing a garage door. You need to consider aesthetics and the features than just focusing on the cost.

If your existing garage door has seen a lot of years, it may be impossible to revive it with a simple repair. And sometimes it is just cheaper to have a replacement than address all the issues of your old door. You can purchase new image garage doors Caroline Springs to improve performance and also improve your curb appeal. It is very important to select the right style of garage door. While it is apparent that an old and worn out garage door gives a negative impression to your house, so does a door that doesn’t match the design or aesthetic of your house. You have to consider the big picture before you select a door and this means considering the materials used in your building envelope along with colours and finishes. You have to choose the right proportions as well. For example, if you have a modern home, you need to select a garage door that is simpler in its design with minimal detailing. You can go for intricate detailing if you have a more classic aesthetic to your home.

Then there are the things you don’t see at first glance. This is the insulation provided by the garage door. The garage door has a high surface area and you need to make sure that poor insulation doesn’t affect the energy efficiency of your home. For example, if you have an air conditioned home, the cool air can easily escape outside due to the poor insulation of the garage door and this puts a lot of strain on your air conditioning unit. This will also increase your utility bills. The same will happen if you are heating the home. You will face a higher utility bill at the end of the month if you install a poorly sealed garage door. And a good garage door that is properly sealed and insulated will make the garage more comfortable as well. It will be warmer inside compared to the cold temperatures outside which means you will not be freezing when you exit the vehicle.

You need to a choose garage door that is practical when it comes to operation. There are different operating mechanisms that are available. Some examples are sliding doors, swinging doors opening outwards and overhead sectional doors. If you don’t have a lot of clearance in front of the garage, it will not be practical to install swinging doors. Many people tend to prefer the overhead sectional doors as they can be automated to roll up and down on mounted tracks. Also, automated garage doors can be incredibly convenient as you don’t need to exit the vehicle to open the doors. And this will be a great option for when it is raining or snowing.

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