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Reasons to Use Rapid Set Concrete

Rapid set concrete will harden faster than the standard mix you can find on the market. Traditionally mixed concrete will take about 2 days to harden but if you are looking for an option that will harden faster, then you can select rapid set concrete as it can harden within an hour.

The basic components in any concrete mix include cement, aggregates and water. If you change the proportions of the ingredients, you can make changes to the characteristics of the mix. You will find that there is higher cement content when it comes to rapid set concrete. You can find this mix in EasyMix Sales. In addition to a higher cement content, you can also find a lot of admixtures to speed up the process. There is great convenience when it comes to rapid set concrete as you don’t have to mix the ingredients on site. The pack that the mixture comes in will already have all the components mixed inside so all you need to do is add some water. This is great for smaller projects or home renovation projects as you don’t need to mix everything at site. Storing components separately on site can be a hassle as you will need to keep space for it, cover them from weather etc. You may also need to order the components from separate suppliers.

But when it comes to rapid set concrete

You only need to order it from one supplier and it will easily be delivered to the site. You will be able to check transport charges before you order it as well. There are certain applications when rapid set concrete becomes very useful. If you are installing fence posts around your boundary, you can use this as it sets very quickly as well. And this is also a great way of repairing concrete elements such as posts and steps. The beauty of rapid set concrete is that you can even use it for small repairs and jobs in rainy conditions whereas you need to be very careful about checking the weather before you pour traditional concrete. You can use it for footpaths and paving as well.

However, you need to understand the limitations of rapid set concrete as well. This is not recommended for large scale construction or projects with large complexities. And you should avoid using this for load bearing construction. The reason that rapid set concrete is so popular is because it is a cost-effective way of building. You will be able to use less labour as much of the preparation has already been done. The ingredients have been combined according to the right proportions so all you need is to add the right amount of water. These generally have a low water content and this will lead to fewer carbon emissions. Therefore, rapid mix concrete is actually more environmentally friendly than the traditional version. You can use it for larger structures as long as it is cleared by the engineers; there is high strength in this concrete mix.

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