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How to Select the Outdoor Bar Furniture for a Restaurant

Selecting outdoor furniture for a restaurant can be challenging as you need to consider a number of factors such as durability, resistance to weather, level of comfort, aesthetics and ease of maintenance. You also need to make sure that the furniture is functional with good ergonomics.

The first thing to do when selecting bar furniture is to consider the space that they will be placed in. You need to measure this area to see how many you will need when it comes to bar stools and tables. You need to make sure there is sufficient circulation space for people to walk around. As this will be a space that will be open to so many people along with exposure to the elements, you need to select materials that are durable such as steel, teak, resin wicker and aluminium. In addition to being durable, these materials are easy to maintain as well so you can have them in more or less original condition as long as you clean them well. These materials will fare in all kinds of weather. You can check out JND outdoor news and info to get an idea of how to choose easy to maintain furniture. You have to think about the style of the furniture as well. You can look to the design and style of the restaurant for inspiration. Choose similar colours so you can maintain the same colour theme.

You can also choose comfortable bar furniture so that it convinces the patrons to stay a long time as well. Some of the ways you can add comfort are by using pillows or cushions. Make sure these are made of waterproof fabric and are easy to clean. Also make sure that the ergonomics of the chairs and tables are balanced. As these furniture is used frequently you need to select items that are easy to clean and handle. You also need to consider what you are serving at the bar. If you are serving food as well, then you will need to select bigger tables to accommodate several plates and glasses. There may be times when the weather will not permit you to use your outdoor bar area. In this case, you will need to have a plan to store your bar furniture. Therefore, you will need to select furniture items that can be easily disassembled or can be stacked on top of each other.

Budget is an important factor when selecting outdoor furniture.

Consider what you can afford at the moment before you start shopping for furniture. However, don’t compromise quality just so you can have cheap furniture as you will find yourself replacing or repairing these frequently due to low quality of materials and workmanship. You need to balance cost and quality when selecting the furniture.  Accessibility is another consideration in selecting furniture. Consider how you are accommodating those with disabilities in the restaurant. There has to be some wheelchair accessible seating and tables so that everyone is able to have a good time. Make sure the furniture is spaced in a way to accommodate mobility devices.

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