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How to Select a Home Design

Building a home is a very personal thing and ultimately, you will have a space that is yours and reflects your personality. It should cater to the needs of your family and be a place where you can relax and enjoy. But you will need to carry out a lot of research to find out exactly what you want from your dream home and then communicate this information to the construction company.

There are many home designs offered by Sienna Built such as modern, traditional, urban, Hamptons etc. It is a good idea of the characteristics of these home styles to understand what you are looking for.  For example, when it comes to modern design, the main focus is on simplicity and functionality. Floor plans and finishes are designed to be minimalistic. There is very little ornamentation and the colour palette is quite contemporary. These designs are characterised by open spaces and the use of few materials like concrete, steel and glass. There is a sleekness to modern design. Traditional design is starkly different to modern design as this is inspired by classic architectural styles. There are a lot of decorative elements such as symmetrical elements, detailed millwork, intricate designs and decorative columns. The colour palette is quite warm and there are many rich textures used. Some of the classic materials used in this design are stone and wood. This is a timeless aesthetic that has a sense of elegance.


You may see homes that are designed according to the Hamptons style where you see a blend of traditional and modern design. It has bright and airy spaces with natural materials. The colour palette tends to be neutral and these homes also have large open living areas. Natural light is given priority here and the colour theme and materials are definitely coastal inspired. But before you select one of these styles, you need to consider your lifestyle and your needs. Think about the size of your family and what everyone needs to be comfortable in the house. You should have a good idea of the number of bedrooms and bathrooms required and any functional requirements that are specific to your needs. Think about what your daily routine is like and how the house layout can accommodate it. You should also consider your future needs when designing the home as well. For example, if you plan for this home to be your retirement home, think about wider corridors and doorways which can accommodate a wheelchair user. Also, have fewer level drops as this can impact the safety of the home. 

It is not only

The home you have to focus on. You have to think about the surroundings of the home as well. Think about the landscape and how that affects your build space. You can bring the outdoors to inside by incorporating large windows and having semi-public outdoor spaces such as decks, patios etc. And think about the context or neighbourhood when choosing the style as well. If you are in a historic neighbourhood, traditional style houses will fit the context better. And if you are in a suburban or coastal location, a Hamptons style home design would be ideal. You need to make sure the home design suits the context and flows smoothly with it. There has to be a connection between the home and its surroundings.

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