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How to prevent wildlife getting in to your thriving garden: top tips

Having a garden in your home is a privilege and is something that many people love. if you love owning a garden and you want it to thrive this year, then there is  a lot you can do. If your garden is lush, green and thriving, you might notice slight issues from different pests and other animals that intrude in your garden. From pests like fruit flies to animals like racoons, you might see different intrusions in your garden that eventually harm your hard work. They are going to eat your plants, damage your fruits and take away the nutrition from your garden. This is why you need the right kind of protection in your garden against wildlife and pests. When you are trying to protect your garden from any wildlife that might be present and harmful, you need to make sure it does not harm the wildlife in any way. These are the top tips on how to prevent wildlife getting in to your thriving garden.

You need to create barriers and fences in the garden

If you are going to remove pests or prevent them from coming in to your garden, then you are going to need the right barriers among the plants. This might be something that is lacking in your garden, which is why you need to bring about the right kind of fencing and barriers. If you have tall plants or raised garden beds that are flowering, then you need to install wooden pickets and fencing around this to keep the bigger animals out. You can even have metal mesh wiring or steel barriers put up around your main plants and trees, which is bound to keep all kinds of animal life out of your garden! Even if they intrude your garden, they are not able to get to your plants and cause any harm.

Wildlife bird netting to prevent birds and other pests

A big issue gardeners face today is the trouble that birds bring. While ground barriers and fences are going to be impactful in keeping out ground four legged animals, it is not going to be any good at keeping out birds and fluing pests. This is why you are going to need bird netting. Netting is going to be created in a way that would not trap the birds or cause any harm to any wildlife, as state regulations require. This is still going to prevent birds coming in to your garden and uprooting your trees while making sure not to harm them in the process either!

A scarecrow can do wonders in your gardens

One of the best centerpieces you can add to your garden in order to protect your plants is a scarecrow. A scarecrow can be planted right in the center of your garden and when pests or birds see this, they are going to be less tempted to come to the garden and harm your plants.

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