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How to Ensure Safety with Concrete Core Drilling

There are many companies that offer core drilling services. This process allows you to create a hole in a strong concrete structure. It will remove a cylindrical piece of concrete from the structure whether it is on the ceiling, wall or floor. While hammer drilling was traditionally used, diamond core drilling has become more popular due to its increased efficiency and precision.

Concrete cutting is a common activity you will see in many construction sites.

You need to work with skilled experts in the industry when it comes to concrete drilling and you can continue to read on to find out how these experts achieve a higher level of safety in a high risk environment such as a construction site. Concrete core drilling allows you to insert new systems for heating, air conditioning, ventilation, electrical and plumbing piping. You can also create a home for maintenance, structural testing and drainage. The concrete cutting team you have on site should have a thorough knowledge of how to work with masonry and concrete. There are also other industry professionals who can carry out concrete core drilling such as electricians, renovation contractors and plumbers. But there are certain operating guidelines that everyone has to follow.

A construction site itself is a high risk environment and you should be very vigilant when you enter the site. There are many health and safety risks that you will be dealing with when it comes to handling concrete. You need to choose the right tool for the job. There are different types of concrete drills. These are mainly categorized into handheld or rig-mounted concrete core drills. If you want to drill a larger hole that exceeds three inches, you will need to work with a rig mounted drill. But anything smaller can be achieved with a handheld drill. You will be able to achieve more precision with a handheld drill. So when you visit the site, you need to understand what is expected of you and choose the right drill type. When using a rig mounted drill, you need to make sure that the rig is secured to the surface using vacuum seals, bolts or anchors. You have to check the surface you are working with when choosing the right attachment for the stand.

Depending on the hardness of the material you are working with

You need to choose the drill bit that is most suitable for the job. Generally, diamond tipped drill bits are used for concrete core drilling.If you are cutting into a material that has a high metal content, precious stones, hard alumina etc. you can use a metal bonded diamond drill. But you don’t need to use these heavy duty drills for cutting softer materials like tiles, glass, composites and smooth stones. Wearing protective gear is very important when you are working in this industry. Some of the protective wear you will need to use are ear plugs to protect yourself from the high noise, a ventilator to protect from dust, protective glasses and heavy duty rubber boots.

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