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How to Choose Living Room Furniture

The living room in a home is a focal point for setting the design theme for the entire home. It is one of the first major areas of the home you and your guests are exposed to when stepping inside. Your living room furniture must not only look great but also work hard to provide you with the practical functionality it is required to provide for a family that entertains, plays board games, watches TV, relaxes, and maybe even do homework and office work.

It is important that you first obtain an understanding of what is available by checking out furniture stores Canberra for living room furniture that is budget-friendly, looks great, works well with the style aesthetic of the rest of the home and is durable. Go through the pointers below for some tips on what you should be considering when buying living room furniture.

Of all the pieces of furniture that go into creating the perfect living room, seating has to be the most important. You want comfortable, durable, stylish sofas and chairs and pieces of decor to create a cosy relaxing atmosphere in the living room. The old-fashioned way of creating a living room with a sofa and matching single-seaters, end tables and a coffee table has given way to more relaxed modern concepts of living room arrangements. Antiques can work alongside modern pieces of furniture beautifully if arranged cohesively. So, drop the idea of sticking to a period (although you can if you want to) and work around the overall look and feel you want to create.

You can choose to work with the same type of wood for the key pieces of furniture rather than choosing to go with the same range or set of furniture which will look matchy-matchy and be devoid of interest. You can choose to have one statement piece in a different type of wood and colour as an accent piece to draw attention and interest. Think about the scale and shape of the furniture pieces as well to ensure they sit well within the proportions of the room. You can use a throw and cushions and other accessories in a similar material or colour combination to unify the look. You can also choose to go with similar shapes and lines to unify the look you are aiming to achieve – curved shapes, clean long lines or low-profile furniture for example.

Deciding on the location of the sofa and armchair and accent chair/s is an important consideration as these create the core living room space. You can decide to use your sofa to section out your living room space if you have an open-plan area. You can use an accent chair with a footstool to carve out a relaxing spot by a large window or use an armchair for the same effect. You can use a coffee table to pull together a seating arrangement provided the height and width and material of the table blend well.

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