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Different Types of Outdoor Decks

An outdoor deck is a great addition to any house but there are so many different types to choose from. And some people tend to regard both patios and decks to be the same while they have a specific difference which is that decks are generally raised off the ground. And you can include so many things on an outdoor deck and create a cosy area where your family can gather.

You can categorise outdoor decks according to their structure, purpose and where it is located. If you are not sure of the type of deck that suits your house, you can always ask the decking contractor to give a recommendation. You can also check out past work done by Prestige decks and pergolas to get some inspiration. One of the most popular decking types is the attached deck which is structurally attached to the house. This is created to be an extension to the home whether it is to extend the living room, kitchen area so that there can be outdoor dining or simply to enlarge an existing room. There are different types of decks within this category. There are complex structures with multiple levels that will include stairs and landings. Or at the end of the list will be simple structures that are more or less platforms on the ground level. These decks tend to be quite strong and you will need to build them according to the building code in your region as the deck extension will be seen as a structural addition.

When you have an elevated deck, you will need to have it supported by posts and use footings. These will actually require a building permit. Your contractor should be able to shed more light on this.You can also have detached decks which are not attached to the house at all. You can install this in your yard and have a pathway leading up to it. These are also called floating decks. And this is also a great DIY project to take on. But if you have a certain design in mind that is a little more complex, it is best to have a professional complete it. Unlike an attached deck, you may not need a permit for this which can simplify the process a little bit more. You can have the deck resting on the ground or resting on concrete blocks or timber posts. This is cheaper to build compared to an attached deck but these can be more prone to moisture damage.

There are also multilevel decks where you have separate decks that are connected by stairs. This is great for sloped terrain. You can build this in phases so that you can section the budget as well. But the total cost will be quite expensive and will need a professional for the construction. If you live in an area with beautiful views, you can consider a wraparound deck which connects more than two sides of your home. This will allow you to access different areas of the house through the deck. Some enclose the deck by building a roof on top along with railings, stairs, landings etc. You can decide whether to have a narrow or wide wraparound deck. This type of deck will help you find shade throughout the day and it is great for natural ventilation as well. It can be a little expensive if you have added roofing costs and the size can also mean more decking and structural materials.

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