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5 Elements that Contribute to a Cozy Loving Space

Are you looking for tips to create the cosiest living space in the world? Here are 5 factors to focus on.


Like they say, lighting is everything – especially when you want a warm ambience. A clever play with your lighting should help you achieve just the right levels of warmth and cosiness, making your living space look and feel like a little haven.

Instead of opting one large lighting source overhead, choose table and floor lamps so you create a soft glow within your space. Make sure you Choose the right colours for every bulb or consider choosing bulbs that can be dimmed down to suit your requirements, and of course, your moods!


Once you’ve set up your lighting, you might realize that your living space requires a serious upgrade and change. If you are serious about turning your living space from a regular one to a cosy lounge, you definitely will need new furniture. Start off by getting a comfy couch – it does not only need to look great, but feel good too, and comfy. Pay attention to the fabrics and textures on the couch. Velvety textures for instance, translate as comfort and warmth.

They are also the easy-clean type, which is another important factor in your living room furniture. Additionally, you can Pop in one or two of those lovely designer lounge chairs you’ve always checked out every time you walked into a furniture store. Nevertheless, make sure use your space wisely – know what furniture you will include in the space and where you will place them. You might be really tempted to have a bean bag on the corner, but only do so if your space allows it!

Textures and Layers

Colder days call for added warmth. That is why you’d want to have a few elements ready to suit the season. Pillows and cushions, throws, blankets and rugs are the common additions you could include to make your already perfect space more perfect!

Opt for a mix of textures – velvet and wool make a perfect match in the cold season! Nevertheless, these aren’t the only ways to add texture. You can opt for copper lamps, types of wood for your sideboards, and of course, as mentioned, textures furniture. You could play around with them to create a gorgeous blend that elevates the cosiness you’ve already created!

Tones of Earth

There definitely is something about earthy tones and the way it contributes to a strange sense of comfort and serenity. Thus, they might be a key contributor to your cosy living space. Tones like almond, biscuit, charcoal, and shades of grey have always been winners in creating warm and cosy living spaces. Soft and blush pinks, and teal or forest greens can be beautifully incorporated into these lovely primary neutrals. 


Scents of natural oils have proven to have amazing effects on moods and emotions. Thus, they make a perfect final addition to your space. Consider placing a scented oil diffuser or scented candles when you feel like. Awaken your senses and indulge in some real relaxation as you lay on your couch in the quiet evenings.

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